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About Us

Our Story

‘I have always loved using candles and enjoy nothing more than filling my home with beautiful fragrances!’

I came to a time in my work career that I needed a change in direction. Since leaving school I have always worked in administrative busy office roles. I was unfortunately made redundant from my last admin role in September 2016. I turned this into a positive after taking a couple months off to recharge and rethink my direction in life. I was so passionate about home fragrance products and wanted a complete change in my career so Burnt Out Candles was born in November 2016!

Why We Are Different

I really enjoy making and testing my Soy Wax products which has been quite stressful at times but it was my absolute passion to bring you all beautifully fragranced perfect products. I find making my products such a great stress reliever too I’m so happy when I’m in my workshop being able to play and make such beautiful products.
Zooming forward to this current date March 2020 I have tested and tried so many different product ideals to be very happy with where I am today with my beautiful home fragrance product range and to be able to share them with all of my amazing customers.
I am always on the look out for new product ideals and beautiful new fragrances to share with you all.
Niki x
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